A Guide to Red Carpet Attire

Each year the Academy Awards sets the standard of fashion with the looks of the stars as they walk down the red carpet being as important as the films they are in, or their next major Hollywood project. Females get a lot of attention as they walk down the red carpet to be separated by the media pundits into two groups; best-dressed and worse-dressed. It does not matter who made the gown if it does not look good, in fact it is slanderous how they like to tear down the media icons for a simple misstep or a fashion faux-paus.

The men are not excluded from this game either, but they have their safe zone. The goal for men is to look dapper especially if you are a Brit. The other goal is to look like Johnny Depp if you are anyone except Johnny Depp. Luckily for men there are no so many choices as for women. One would think that would make it easier, but there is still the chance to make a mistake. The rules seem to be that if you must express yourself with a different color other than black for your tux then don’t take it to the extreme and opt for mocha-colored, instead of fuchsia. Somehow it does not seem fair that the women can make all the fashion mistakes in their extravagant choices.

One place guys can be singled out for a fashionista attack is their hair. Slicked-back hair held in place by a gallon of hair gel might look good if you are Frankenstein, but if your regular look is tussled hair, the Academy Awards are not the moment to try out a new hairstyle. If you have hair don’t suddenly cut it off and go bald. If you don’t have hair, then stay bald and for goodness sakes don’t wear a cheap toupee. Stick with what works.

If you are the rebellious type like Mickey Rourke or Billy Bob Thornton, we expect you to come dressed in a white suit with shiny black cowboy boots. And yes Robert Downey, Jr. you can wear a blue bow tie and blue sneakers with a black tuxedo, we already know you are a drug-crazed maniac, and we admire how you got away with it and still have some of your mind left and a career (unlike Gary Bussed) so anything other than county jail orange is an improvement for you.

Here is the challenge guys, you know you want to try out something more than the standard black tuxedo right? It is not fair to leave all the fashion mistakes solelyup to the females. It seemed like all the men wore black tuxedos at the 2010 Academy Awards. You could not tell them apart from the parking valets. It is time for men to stand up and have some fashion courage. In reality, the Academy Awards is the perfect place to make an outrageous fashion statement. So don’t be shy. Anyone up for wearing a bright red tuxedo? Come, on! Cher would be so proud of you.